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Welcome to the Home Page!

Lets familiarize you with our site. If you look in the upper right hand corner, you can see whether or not you are “logged-in”.

If there is a field for E-Mail Address and Password, you are NOT logged-in. (don’t worry, you can shop without logging in!).

If you see a “Welcome Back”, then you are already logged-in.

If you ARE logged-in, you can click on the “View/Edit Account” to change your password, account information, pet information, see all of your orders, the status of those orders, and easily re-order any previous order.

Shopping Cart

Just below the upper right hand corner, you will see “Shopping Cart”. Here you can easily see how many items, and the total order amount in your cart. Your Shopping Cart is very handy. You can shop, place items in the cart, and even if you don’t checkout during this session, the items will remain in your cart until you either checkout, or remove them from your cart. This means you can shop, place items in the cart, then continue shopping at another time, and your selected items will still be there for you!

From the Shopping Cart, you can select “View Cart”, which will show you the contents of the Shopping Cart, or you can select “Checkout”, which will start you thru the easy checkout procedure.

Product Search

Just below the Shopping Cart is the “Product Search”. Here you can select whether you are looking for items for Dogs, Cats or Horses, then search for a particular item, such as “Interceptor”.


Just below the Product Search, you will see the “Specials” area. These are items currently offered at great prices. Either add them to your cart, or get more information about the product by clicking right on it! Tucker and Sassy say “Stock up now, its on Sale!”


The Menu across the screen offers you multiple options.

Dogs – Starts the product selection for Dog products
Cats – Starts the product selection for Cat products
Horses – Starts the product selection for Horse products
Cattle – Starts the product selection for Cattle products
Avian/Exotics – Starts the product selection for Avian and Exotics

All Products – Starts product selection for all species of animals

Services – Tells you about our policies on shipping and discounts

Support – Lets you view answers to our most commonly asked questions, and information how to contact us.

About Us – Tells you a little information and history about us, and why we want to provide your pet’s healthcare and pet supplies.

Thank you for asking about the Home Page!